The “Right” Swimsuit

In 2010, Swim England, which is the amateur swimming association in England, had a guide posted on their site for picking the “right” swim suit. This guide was specifically made for female swimmers and pushed the idea that swimsuits are not a “one size fits all” clothing piece. The guide, which has since been taken down, encouraged women to be honest with themselves in regards to their body or the body of the person they are purchasing the swimsuit for. It then proceeded to encourage women to try to hide places on their body that they are not fond of with a solid colour, while accentuating the parts they are more proud of with a more exciting colour.

This guide distracts from the immense skills female swimmers possess and the sheer strength their bodies have, placing the focus more on what these female athletes look like while they are performing. In addition, it actively and undoubtedly discourages women from starting out in this sport, as being in a bathing suit has become something that women fear over the years due to the increasing pressure women face in regards to their body image.


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