Subban Reaches Out to Young Hockey Player Facing Racism

13-year-old Ty Cornett is a hockey player from Michigan who has been the target of bullying due to his race. Cornett has been facing this issue since last spring. Since then, the issue has only continued to grow and it’s not just the players on the ice making these derogatory comments, but the parents in the stands are joining in as well.

Above is a picture of both P.K Subban (left) and Ty Cornett (

As the racial taunts continued, it got to the point where Ty’s father wanted to pull him out of the sport entirely. Racism, unfortunately, is still a problem that so many have to deal with even today. After much consideration and Ty’s love of the game still strong even after everything he had been going through, it was decided that he should continue to play.

Ty’s story quickly spread and was eventually heard by Nashville Predators’ star defencemen P.K Subban. Subban has also been a target of racism throughout his career and when he heard about what Ty Cornett was going through, he wanted to reach out.

Nashville Predators Defencemen P.K. Subban (Mihockey)

Subban recorded a video giving Ty some encouraging words:

“As long as you’re still breathing in this world, you’ve got to believe in yourself and let nobody tell you what you can and can’t do, especially if it’s because of the colour of your skin”.

Subban also said in the video: “In this world, some things happen that we can’t completely understand. That’s okay; we don’t have to understand it. All we have to do is understand our self, believe in our self and keep trying and keep pushing forward. So I just want to tell you that when you’re playing hockey, you play because you love the game and you want to play. Let nobody take that away from you.”

It is safe to say Subban has won himself a few new fans after this kind gesture to young Cornett and also helped to spread awareness of the racism that still is very prevalent in sports today, even in the minor levels. Let’s hope this helps to change this wave of racism into a hopeful future for kids like Ty Cornett who just want to play for the love of the game.


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