Meyers Leonard Uses Anti-Semitic Slur

Meyers Leonard is an NBA player that plays for the Miami Heat. He is a well-known NBA player and he also streams his video game play on Twitch. Recently, while streaming, he used an inappropriate word that is anti-Semitic and it went viral. This word is used against Jewish people and it is not a nice term at all.  

News report on Meyers Leonard (Source: TYT Sports)

He was fined 50,000 dollars by the NBA and he was suspended from activities from the Miami Heat for one week. Meyers claimed that he did not know it was a racist word and he apologized immediately after. Many people were not happy with his punishment, some said that he deserved a lot more and some were on the side of that he did not do anything wrong because he did not know. 

Whether that he did not know or not, it was still bad. You have to be careful about that you say on the internet especially when you’re an NBA player. It was a careless mistake and he deserves to be suspended and fined so that he learns his lesson and players in the future can be more careful. A lot of people did not know what the word meant so it also brought awareness to the subject and talk about dark times.  

John Rooney  

Featured Image: Meyers Leonard in his basketball jersey( Source: Fernandez, G. (2021, March) CBS sports 

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